Custom memorial nj 1Memorials In Passaic County, NJ

We take an enormous amount of pride in the memorials that we create, and we know that you will too. Memorials are a timeless, elegant way to reflect the meaning of either an event or someone’s life into a physical object of art. Artistic Monuments offers a highly personalized selection of memorials in Clifton or Passaic County, NJ.

Cemetery memorials come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors. Also, depending on the memorial, we can craft practically anything you’d like. The primary material we use is granite because it’s durable, time tested and attractive.

Civic Memorials

civic memorial njCivic memorials are a classy, elegant way to celebrate an important member of the community’s life, an event from the past or a municipal locale such as a park or building. Artistic Monuments are fully equipped to design and build only the most beautiful and professional civic memorials. They’re primary place of use has been to commemorate:

  • Veterans
  • Firefighters/Departments
  • Police Officers/Departments
  • Politicians
  • Parks/Recreation
  • Schools

The process behind choosing a memorial for a loved one or event begins with telling your story. Every detail really does count. When we meet with you, we’ll make sure to ask the following memorial maker in NJquestions about your loved one:

  • What was their faith or beliefs?
  • Hobbies or Interests?
  • Accomplishments or Life’s Goals?

The beauty of crafting custom memorials is that every single person’s life is completely unique. So when it comes to each memorial, we get to tell a different story every time. After we’ve discussed these details about your loved one, we invite you to choose the color, size or shape of stone. Feel free to either stop by our showroom in Clifton, NJ or give us a call. We look forward to hearing your story.

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