Mausoleum Design and Building In Passaic County, NJ

jewish mausoleum njAt Artistic Monuments, we take pride in collaborating with our customers on the design of a mausoleum. Being able to have a private walk-in mausoleum for your family gives people a special form of intimacy.

Family members are able to reflect on the life of loved one(s) in privacy and separate from the elements. Mausoleums can be built to accommodate as many as a dozen crypts , we can also build to fit special areas for cremation urns. There are many different types of mausoleums that we have experience building, these include:

  • Community Mausoleum
  • Center Walk-In Mausoleum
  • Side Walk-In Mausoleum
  • 6-8 Crypts
  • 3-4 Crypts
  • 1-2 Crypts

We can also use a variety of colors and materials to make yours completely unique, timeless and beautiful. This includes building details for the exterior as well as the interior’s doors, and(or) windows.

Besides the practical value in having a mausoleum to visit a loved one during the grieving process, they also allow memorials to last the ages free from the effects of weather. The solid granite that we use is highly durable over time. Mausoleums also assure that the lives of your loved ones can be documented for decades or even centuries after death.

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